The PleurX® System is the clinically proven solution for management of recurrent pleural effusions and malignant ascites.

Why do physicians Choose PleurX FINAL2

Time-tested and clinically proven


** Reimbursement is based on the details pertinent to each situation and may be subject to change.
Contact your billing professional for more information.
Extensive patient support materials available on the web here.
1 Tremblay A, Mason C, Michaud G. Use of tunneled catheters for malignant pleural effusions in patients fit for pleurodesis. European Respiratory Journal 2007; 30(4):759-62
2 Courtney AL, Nemcek AA. Efficacy and safety of the PleurX catheter when used to treat recurrent malignant ascites (abstract). Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology 2006; 17(2):S25
3 Rosenberg S, Courtney AL, Nemcek AA, et al. Comparison of percutaneous management techniques for recurrent malignant ascites. Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology 2004; 15:1129-31

• More than 13 years of clinical use1
• Outcomes published in 30 clinical journal articles*
• Multi-specialty utilization (thoracic surgery, pulmonology/interventional pulmonology, interventional radiology, oncology)

Positive clinical outcomes for patients
• Spontaneous pleurodesis in up to 70% of patients with minimal pain and no hospitalization required 2
• Rapid symptom relief
• Low infection rates (less than 2%)2,3
• Helps eliminate the need for hospital visits for repeat paracentesis or thoracentesis

Easy for patients
• Patients can control their own drainage at home
• Active Vacuum Technology is safe, comfortable and quick; liberates patients from the tether of gravity drainage
• May be reimbursed by Medicare and many private insurance companies**
• Can be utilized by home health and hospice
• Easy accessibility to a comprehensive patient support program

Clinicians and their patients can have confidence in a solution that has been used for years by many of the top cancer institutions.


• Why PleurX?

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