PleurX® Pleural Catheter System

PleurX is the easy-to-use and effective choice for the home management of recurrent pleural effusions, including malignant pleural effusions (MPE). Now patients can manage fluid accumulation through smaller, more frequent drainages at home, with minimal physician intervention.

PleurX offers patients:

    • Easy set up and use – simply “click and go”
    • Reduced hospital length of stay
    • Active vacuum drainage through a closed system
    • Effective palliation of symptoms of pleural effusions
    • Reduced overall cost versus talc pleurodesis1
    • Spontaneous pleurodesis in up to 70% of patients2
    • Improved quality of life with more time at home
    • Minimized pain
    • Efficacy for most trapped lung patients


1 Safety valve Helps prevent inadvertent passage of air or fluid through the catheter.

2 Polyester cuff Promotes tissue ingrowth to help reduce infection risk and hold the catheter securely in place.

3 15.5 Fr silicone catheter Soft and flexible, conforms to the pleural space and minimizes insertion site discomfort.

4 Fenestrated length, 24 cm Large smooth fenestrations with beveled edges promote drainage and help avoid plugging.

“ … we conclude that the indwelling pleural catheter is an alternative treatment to tube thoracostomy and chemical pleurodesis for the management of patients with symptomatic recurrent MPEs.”

“ … the use of a TPC [tunneled pleural catheter] provides effective long term control of MPEs and their associated symptoms, including earlier sclerotherapy failures and large symptomatic loculi.”

“ Treatment as an outpatient and drainage at home may provide a functional and psychological advantage to the patient and family in giving them more ‘control’ over the problems of end-of-life care. We recommend that PC (pleural catheter) be considered a standard of care for treatment of patients with MPE.”

• Pleural Catheter System

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