A smart timing algorithm matters
The CS300 with IntelliSense is designed to emulate an experienced user, allowing you more time to focus on your patient. The CS300 regularly examines key landmarks on the ECG and arterial pressure waveform to determine optimal timing. It then quickly adapts to rate or rhythm changes instead of imposing fixed timing rules.

R-TracTM is a patented surveillance algorithm that quickly identifies unpredictable rhythms such as A-Fib. Once identified, R-Trac adjusts timing on a beat-tobeat basis in order to optimize augmentation and support during diastole. The CS300 has the ability to adjust all timing parameters to your patient’s changing needs.

Flexibility matters

The CS300 is the only pump that can be used with any of the catheters mentioned below:
• The Sensation 7Fr. fiber-optic IAB catheter
• Conventional fluid-filled IAB catheters
• Pediatric IAB catheters
Smart and flexible to meet the needs of your patients

- Smart & Flexible Pump

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